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Through LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Trainings and Speaking Out panels, Rocky Mountain Equality provides a safe place to learn and ask questions, as well as diverse representations of the LGBTQ+ experience.

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Our training program is an important part of realizing our vision of an inclusive, just, and connected world where LGBTQ+ people and communities thrive. Our trainings can help your organization enhance its LGBTQ+ cultural competency and better serve your clients.


We can provide sessions on a variety of topics in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats.

The Speaking Out Program, our longest running program, is a volunteer speaker's bureau where members from every part of the LGBTQ+ community share their stories. We have years of data supporting what we already know in our hearts, that Speaking Out changes lives and saves LGBTQ+ people from isolation and fear. 


These panels mostly occur in middle and high schools, but we occasionally hold panels in churches, college classes, healthcare facilities, and in partnership with other nonprofits.


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