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Give today to secure a brighter tomorrow.

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Since the early 1990s, Rocky Mountain Equality (RMEQ) has championed acceptance, visibility, and equality for the LGBTQ+ community. Some of those battles were civilized with incremental gains. Others left us bruised but never broken. But, throughout those years, we have always strived to be the organization that people want to fight with, side-by-side. 


We’ve seen tremendous growth.


In the last five years alone, our operating budget has grown six-fold. That has allowed us to dramatically increase our staff, our programs, and our reach. It has allowed us to move from our beloved, but overly cozy, original offices into 3340 Mitchell Lane with the needed space and facilities to hold supportive and creative events, programs, and gatherings for the community.


Through equity clinics we put 20,000 COVID-19 vaccines in people’s arms who otherwise may have been reluctant or excluded. And, most importantly, we’ve played a pivotal role in shaping this imperfect, yet infinitely more accepting cultural landscape for the LGBTQ+ community. 


As you read through our history and vision, we hope you are inspired to support RMEQ in our efforts to secure our community’s future.

If you are a first-time supporter, know that you will be welcomed into our fold. If you are a long-time supporter, know that everything we have become in these last decades is because of you. Welcome to the future of RMEQ. 

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Rocky Mountain Equality (RMEQ) began as a group of LGBTQ+ community members organizing Pride out of the trunk of a car. Thanks to these founders and LGBTQ+ and Allied history makers, today's struggle for equality is taking place on a markedly different front.

To learn more about dedication opportunities, email Kyl Caragol at

Jo Arnold

Ceal Barry

Janis Bohan

Dana Derichsweiler

Jean Dubofsky

Dave Ensign

Tim Fuller

Nicole Garcia

Andrea Gibson 

Allen Ginsberg

Jean Hodges

Diane Joy Israel

Tim Leifield

Mike Mills

Bob Morehouse

Ann Noonan

Matt Patrick

Ric Perez

Pat Pherson

Jared Polis 

Marlon Reis

Ray Rodriquez

Clela Rorex

Glenda Russell

Eric Sawyer

Pen Tate II

The Founders

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Kevin Ellis (Co-Chair)

Jahnavi Brenner (Co-Chair)

Mary Dineen

Neil Fishman

Nicole Garcia, MA NCC

Libby Neumann

Ann Noonan

Karla Rikansrud

Xanthe Thomassen

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Jennifer Caracciolo

Randy Clapp & James Hoppe

Kevin Daly

Michael Dougherty

Jennifer Egbert

Dave Ensign & Mike Mills

Lin Erhardt

Nancy Grimes

Jean Hodges

Eric & Sandy Hozempa

Dorothy Rupert

Elaina Shively

John & Molly Tayer

Diane Wild

Bob & Katy Yates

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Bryn & Yvonne Long

Bob Morehouse & Noel Maye

Melissa Leonhardt

Liz Armstrong

Bruce Hensley

Diane Wild & Karla Hensley

James Bailey

Nancy Clark & Dr. Cheryl Lovell

Liz & Josh Silberstein

Ann Miles & Ann Morrow

Drs. Carl Clark & Mark Groshek

Katy Withers

Mary Dineen & Sue Masterson

Neil Fishman

Teresa De 

Ani & Anne Stockham

Audrey & Andy Franklin

Wayne & Deborah Simmons

Eileen & Derek Kiernan-Johnson

Mardi Moore

Ric Perez

Thomas Frank

Ellen Greenhouse & Lester Wall

Kyl Caragol & Tina Guenther

Larry Hoyt & Bryan Russell

Michael & Antonia Dougherty

Alicia & James Starr-Noonan

Jahnavi & Scott Brenner

Bob Miller and Rod Pierce

Josie & Rollie Heath

Mark & Nick Holdbrooks

Sonya Lewis & Allison Lotspeich

Lynn Hellerstein

Dave Ensign & Mike Mills

Kevin Daly & Brendan Picker

Natalie Ahn

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