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Our training program is an important part of realizing our vision of an inclusive, just, and connected world where LGBTQ+ people and communities thrive. 


Trainings are conducted by our Education Coordinator, Castro (they/elle) and are available for any type of organization. Generally training sessions run 90 minutes. We are also available for longer, more in-depth sessions. We can provide sessions virtually, in-person, or in hybrid settings.


For the most meaningful impact, we encourage ongoing training. This can include recurring training sessions, multiple topics covered in ongoing sessions, different topics targeted for different employee groups, and more. We are happy to discuss how this can best be leveraged in your organization.



Train to better serve LGBTQ+ clients and staff


Help your organization enhance its LGBTQ+ cultural competency


Demonstrate your organizational commitment to ongoing learning and continuous improvement in inclusivity 


Offer professional development for your staff


Support a community-based LGBTQ+ non-profit organization

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Our base training, Beyond Binary: LGBTQ+ Core Concepts and Etiquette Essentials, covers the concepts of sex assigned at birth, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation basics, as well as essential language and pronoun etiquette.


This training is designed to establish a common foundation of understanding for participants in order to enable them to contribute to a more inclusive world. We recommend this as a starting point for LGBTQ+ inclusivity education and building a series of sessions from there. 

Below are some of the topics we can cover. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email C. Castro at to ask about customized content to meet your needs (pricing and scheduling may vary).

  • Beyond Binary: LGBTQ+ Core Concepts and Etiquette Essentials

  • Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces for Staff, Clients, Customers, and Volunteers

  • Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplaces for Leaders and HR

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth for Parents

  • Serving LGBTQ+ Youth for Service Providers

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Survivors as Victims Advocates

  • LGBTQ+ Concepts and Skills for Perinatal Practitioners

  • LGBTQ+ Latinx, and Latine Concepts

  • Reporting on Transgender Individuals and Communities in the Media

  • Structures of Oppression and Interrupting Interpersonal Bias

  • Interrupting & Addressing Negative Comments and Biased Thinking

  • Suicidality and the LGBTQ+ Community

  • LGBTQ+ Celebrations and Events: How to Get It Right

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1-49 Employees: $2,000

50+ Employees: $2,500


1-49 Employees: $800

50+ Employees: $1,250


“This was one of the best presentations I've ever seen. Comprehensive but not overwhelming, perfect foundational introduction, and Michal was clearly informed, enthusiastic, and very thoughtful in their words and concepts.”

“Thank you for the powerful work you’re doing, and for hosting this training with us! The most actionable training I’ve participated in, and I so appreciate your “fix it and move on” mentality.”

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To bring training to your organization, please complete this form or reach out to Castro for more information and to schedule. If you have constraints around timing or budgeting, please reach out to discuss options.

Training is a Pride sponsorship benefit! If your organization in interested in becoming a Boulder County Pride sponsor, please reach out to Juan Moreno (he) at

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