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  • Glenda Russell

The Supreme Court Decision Is Out, And So Are We

The US Supreme Court has issued a decision in the 303 Creative case and the news isn't good. We will share a legal explanation of the outcomes in a blog post later. It doesn't feel right or just or good when the highest court in the land issues such a decision. However, that doesn't mean we're stuck. Let's talk about what we can do to help ourselves, other LGBTQ+ people, allies, other marginalized groups who may be impacted by this decision, and society in general.

First, understand it's not about us.

It's about heterosexism/binegativity/cissexism/bias/discrimination.Second, understand it does affect us. It feels awful. A whole range of feelings make sense: shock, sadness, fear, anger. Have the feelings. They're normal. Talk with supportive others about them.

Beware of telling yourself ghost stories about the decision. It's bad. It's not the end of the world. Positive change happens, and then there are backlashes. Backlashes feel bad. They come because some people don't like the progress we as a community have been making.

Do something. Don't run and hide. That doesn't work. Be active in whatever way fits with who you are as a person. Take breaks when you need them.

Be out whenever and wherever it's safe to do so. You'll feel better, and you'll keep changing the world.

Take every opportunity to be with the LGBTQ+ community. Community can be good for feeling safe, learning things, helping others, being creative, making culture, learning history, making history, and just plain having fun. Spread joy. Someone once said joy is a revolutionary act.

Learn the history of our community and the history of other marginalized communities. These histories will teach us how change goes in cycles, how powerful we can be when we work collectively, the value of building coalitions with other groups, how to avoid repeating mistakes, and how to be inspired by those who have gone before us.

Focus on cleaning out the derogatory messages about us/our community that you learned from wherever you learned them. They were lies then and they are lies now. Being in community will help with that too.

Notice who your allies are, and ask them for support. It's tempting to put our focus on people and groups who don't support us. It's critical we see the people and groups who do support us. And then there are the things that are just plain good to do at any time: stay safe, exercise, get out in nature, eat regularly, avoid too many substances, avoid doomscrolling.

And, of course, do dance.


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