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Remembering Linda Jourgensen’s Legacy

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the recent passing of Linda Jourgensen, a dedicated public servant and former Mayor and County Commissioner of Boulder. One remarkable piece of Linda's legacy is the 1988 Gay/Lesbian Pride Day proclamation she gave. When she was asked to create a statement for Gay/Lesbian Pride Day, the proclamation shared here is what she came up with (see below).  Jourgensen's proclamation began by acknowledging the extensive history of struggles faced by Lesbian and Gay peoples. It traced the community's journey from the pivotal Stonewall Riots of 1969 to the tragic events surrounding Harvey Milk's death in 1978 and the challenges posed by the AIDS epidemic. At its core, Jourgensen's proclamation declared June 26th as "Gay/Lesbian Pride Day" to recognize the courage of Boulder's Lesbian and Gay community in pursuing their basic civil rights. This declaration was a powerful statement affirming the fundamental rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals, both in Boulder and throughout the nation. Jourgensen's 1988 proclamation declaring "Gay/Lesbian Pride Day" in Boulder, Colorado can now be seen as a historic milestone in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. It recognized the community's struggles, celebrated local activism, demonstrated national solidarity, and promoted the basic human rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals. This proclamation continues to serve as a reminder of the progress made and the work that remains in the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance.

Thank you, Linda Jourgensen, for your advocacy and unwavering commitment to Boulder. 

Thank you, Sue Larson, for your involvement in this effort and for sharing a copy of the proclamation with Out Boulder County. We now have a framed copy in our office.


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