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DEfyIng the Norms in Science: Pfizer Boulder Sponsor Feature

Just off Walnut St, there is an oncology drug discovery engine. Since 1998, Array Biopharma (now Pfizer Boulder) has been redefining the limits of science to create breakthroughs with our “special sauce,” a collaborative and open-door culture created by people driven to make a difference for oncology patients and their loved ones through precision medicine. We recognize a specific need amongst cancer patients and seek to discover, develop, and make available a medicine which will change their lives.

As Pfizer Boulder colleagues, our mission is to bring joy, equity, courage, and excellence to our work and to our communities. We recognize that many communities, including LGBTQ+, are not always afforded the same opportunities to be their true selves. To address this, in 2020, we launched the DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Group as a first step towards education, visibility, and celebration of these contributions.

The formation of the DEI Group gave us a platform to educate and promote visibility to our 300 Boulder colleagues. Entirely run by folks with non-DEI related full-time jobs, our work has focused on providing education and promoting change in the form of speakers on allyship and soon-to-be OBC’s Beyond Binary Training, discussion forums on journal articles, documentaries, and books, and monthly DEI Donuts, an educational campaign where we focus on a lesser known or lesser discussed topic related to that month’s celebrations, holidays, heritage months, etc.

Now with a more formalized communication channel and support from the site leadership, the DEI Group can deliver formal suggestions to leadership to bring about various workplace changes which directly impact our marginalized colleagues and enhance our sense of community. We have implemented our own rainbow badge/sticker campaign and recently created a more inclusive hiring process. With the help of global Pfizer’s DEI Group, we have a pronoun and name pronunciation campaign. We are proud of what we have accomplished from people and their lived experiences but we know there is a long way to go. Our goals are not just internal; we are passionate about supporting the local community and groups that share our values. We are grateful to Out Boulder County for their dedication, educational materials, and community.


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