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Statement from Rocky Mountain Equality on Republican Call to Burn Pride Flags

Up close photo of an LGBTQ Pride flag

In response to the Colorado Republican Party’s mass email calling for the burning of all Pride flags, Mardi Moore, Rocky Mountain Equality executive director, said:

“As we enter Pride Month, a time for the LGBTQ community to celebrate who we are and find connection with others, some groups would still wipe us from existence if they could. We know that these extremist groups do not represent all Coloradans, but that doesn’t make statements like the Republican Party’s call to burn Pride flags or the rhetoric from the anti-LGBTQ activists leading efforts to put hateful measures on our November ballots any less harmful."

“The Southern Poverty Law Center released a report identifying 30 hate groups in Colorado, and many of those are anti-LGBTQ. The fight for equality for all people is far from over, and Rocky Mountain Equality is committed to defending LGBTQ Coloradans.”


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