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Statement: CO Supreme Court Rejects Ballot Initiative Prohibiting Medically Necessary Care

Today, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that proposed Initiative 175, the ban on medically necessary care for minors, will not be approved for signature collection for the November 2024 Election.

“As we approach the end of Pride Month, we are thrilled that the Colorado Supreme Court has denied the appeal of a vocal minority who would make it illegal to provide medically necessary care to transgender people,” said Mardi Moore (she), RMEQ executive director. “In Colorado, we value individual liberty and freedoms. Outsiders want to force their policies on us, but they don't understand our family values."

RMEQ is proud to be a part of the Freedom for All Coloradans Coalition, along with One Colorado, Rose Community Foundation, and other leaders in the LGBTQ+ community. The coalition has worked to oppose all anti-LGBTQ+ titles submitted to the Colorado Title Board.


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