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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Students

Our 2024 Lavender Graduation was held at the Left Hand Grange and included a graduation ceremony recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of 14 wonderful high school graduates, who received rainbow cords and lavender diplomas.

After the graduation ceremony, we announced the recipients of this year's Ignite and Inspire Award, Sarah Thompson Magical Mermaid Scholarship, and Alex Ortega Scholarship. We also had a drag performance from the lovely Khloe Katz.

Photos curtesy of Jackie Wagner

Alex Ortega Scholarship

The Alex Ortega Scholarship commemorates the dedication and hard work of a Latinx, LGBTQIA+ identified student. This student is diligent in their work, ambitious in their dreams, and searches for the opportunity to turn their education into excellence for their community. This year’s recipient is a CSU student named Jay Bates Domenech (they), a Latinx LGBTQIA+ community member who represents the driven attitude and future oriented mindset of the Alex Ortega scholarship. Jay will continue to pursue their academic goals at Colorado State University.

Sara Thompson Magical Mermaid Scholarship

The Sara Thompson Magical Mermaid  Scholarship is given in honor of Sara Thompson, a fabulous high femme, a warrior for the community, a fierce friend, and former RMEQ volunteer. The scholarship aims to provide financial support to LGBTQ+ community members of all ages who aim to create positive change, whether through traditional education programs or other types of projects, skill-building, or personal development.

Two recipients were able to attend in person:  Kaz Fowler and Flora Wolf. The other recipients submitted videos to share: Atzin Luna, Kayce Moormeier, Zachary Rapport, Juana Isabel Rocha, and Nikki Roberts. 

You can contribute to the Sara Thompson Magical Mermaid Scholarship Fund and help more LGBTQ+ community members access educational and professional development opportunities here.


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