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Castro is the Education Coordinator at Rocky Mountain Equality. They provide training for local, national, and international organizations, as well as support youth programming and strategic initiatives.

Castro brings years of experience working alongside youth-focused organizations such as: The Trevor Project, The Posse Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Mays Foundation, Youth Speaks and Chicago Youth Authors. They graduated from Carleton College with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Art History.

Much of their artistic work centers around cross-cultural understanding, cathartic community expression, and imagining unconventional worlds of being. You can catch them doodling fringe creatures, leading friends through somatic centering practices, or crafting an effect for an upcoming kiki ball.

As a community advocate they pull from their identities as a queer first-generation Latinx non-binary demi-boi and their nomadic upbringing living and studying in various U.S. and international locales. With RMEQ, they hope to ignite an empathic understanding through experiential learning that bends spacetime into a more compassionate and just world.

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